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  • February 06, 2024 6 min read

    Los Angeles Lumber Yards: Our Top 6

    Los Angeles, a bustling metropolis known for its diverse culture, also boasts a vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts, professional woodworkers, and construction experts. One of the key elements to any successful project, be it a simple home improvement task or a large-scale construction, is the quality of materials used — specifically, lumber. But with so many options available, how do you ensure you're choosing the best lumber yard in Los Angeles? This guide takes you through the top lumber stores in the city, highlighting their products, services, and unique offerings to help you make an informed decision.

    Key Takeaways

    • Los Angeles is home to several top-tier lumber stores that cater to a variety of needs, from casual DIY projects to professional-grade construction tasks.
    • Sustainability and eco-friendliness are increasingly becoming critical considerations in selecting a lumber store.
    • Many stores offer value-added services such as custom milling, delivery, and expert consultations to facilitate your projects.

    Bohnhoff Lumber Co.

    Interior of Bonhoff Lumber Co.

    411 E 26th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90058

    Bohnhoff Lumber Co. stands out as a beacon for woodworkers and construction professionals alike. With an impressive inventory that includes everything from hardwood and softwood to slabs, tops, and even specialized products like trailer decking lumber, Bohnhoff has established itself as a premier destination for quality lumber in Los Angeles​​.

    Products and Services

    • Hardwood and Softwood: Bohnhoff offers an extensive selection, ensuring you find the exact type of wood you need for your project.
    • Custom Milling: Their onsite milling services allow for custom dimensions and finishes, providing a personalized touch to your lumber selection.
    • Sustainability: Committed to the environment, Bohnhoff supports local organizations through material donations, demonstrating their dedication to community and sustainability​​.

    Why Choose Bohnhoff?

    Whether you're laying hardwood flooring or just looking for plywood, choosing the Bohnhoff Lumber Company means not just access to a wide range of quality lumber but also supporting a business that values community and environmental responsibility. As a lumber company, their knowledgeable staff and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for both seasoned professionals and hobbyists, and you know you're getting a good product at a good price.

    Anawalt Lumber

    Anawalt lumber yard

    1001 Highland Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90038

    Anawalt Lumber takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Offering a variety of building materials, hardware, and home goods, Anawalt ensures that its products, including lumber, are sourced responsibly​​.

    Eco-Friendly Initiatives

    • Sustainable Products: Most of the lumber stocked is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring responsible forestry practices​​.
    • Green Product Alternatives: From organic gardening supplies to energy-efficient lighting, Anawalt provides a range of eco-conscious products.

    Why Shop at Anawalt?

    For those looking to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising on quality, Anawalt Lumber is a perfect choice. Their wide range of products and dedication to green initiatives cater to the needs of eco-conscious consumers.

    Continuing our journey through Los Angeles' best lumber stores, we explore additional destinations that stand out for their quality, service, and unique offerings. These stores cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you'll find the perfect match for your project requirements.

    Jones Lumber

    Exterior of Jones Lumber

    10711 Alameda St,
    Lynwood, CA 90262

    Jones Lumber has nearly a century's worth of experience in providing quality lumber products to Southern California. Their extensive selection includes dimensional lumber, pressure-treated lumber, and a variety of hardwoods. With a commitment to meeting special size requirements through their milling capabilities, Jones Lumber ensures that your project specifications are precisely met​​.

    Exotic Hardwood and More

    • Extensive Milling Capabilities: Custom mill lumber to your specific needs.
    • Wide Selection: From Douglas fir to exotic hardwoods, they offer a broad range of lumber options.
    • Timely Delivery: With a fleet of trucks, Jones Lumber provides reliable same-day and next-day delivery services.

    Valencia Lumber & Panel

    Interior of Valencia Lumber

    15809 Strathern St
    Van Nuys, CA 91406

    Valencia Lumber & Panel specializes in providing high-quality lumber and panel products, including exotic hardwoods and softwoods, veneers, live edge slabs, and more. Their extensive inventory caters to the needs of cabinetry, furniture, and finish carpentry trades, making them a one-stop shop for woodworkers in Los Angeles​​.

    Services Offered

    • Comprehensive Selection: A vast array of lumber and panel products to meet any project's needs.
    • Customer-Centric Services: Offering walk-ins, will-call, curbside pickup, or truck delivery for convenience.
    • Expertise: With over 150 years of combined experience, their knowledgeable salespeople provide invaluable assistance.

    Angel City Lumber

    Interior of Angel City Lumber, Los Angeles

    51 S Anderson St
    Los Angeles, CA 90033

    Angel City Lumber is unique for its focus on sustainability, sourcing lumber exclusively from local felled trees. This approach not only supports the environment but also offers a sense of connectedness to the local community. Their services include custom residential projects, commercial trades, and lifecycle projects​​.

    Sustainability and Community Focus

    • Local Sourcing: Promotes sustainable practices by utilizing local felled trees.
    • Community Involvement: Engages in tree donation programs and supports local organizations.
    • Custom Services: Offers design and fulfillment for personalized projects.

    Ganahl Lumber

    Exterior of Ganahl Lumber, a lumber yard in Los Angeles

    18537 Parthenia St
    Northridge, CA 91324

    Ganahl Lumber, a stalwart in the lumber industry since 1884, provides a comprehensive range of products and services. From decking, doors, and windows to tools and hardware, Ganahl caters to both professional contractors and homeowners. Their commitment to quality and customer service has made them a trusted name throughout Southern California​​.

    Why Ganahl Lumber?

    • Wide Product Range: Offers an extensive array of lumber, building materials, and hardware.
    • Custom Services: Features custom millwork and more to meet specific project requirements.
    • Multiple Locations: With 11 locations, Ganahl Lumber ensures product availability and convenience.


    Is it better to buy wood from a lumber yard?

    Yes, buying wood from a lumber yard can be beneficial for several reasons. Lumber yards often offer more competitive prices and higher quality wood than big box stores. They have a specialized focus on lumber, providing a wider selection of specialty wood and expert advice. Additionally, lumber yards often offer the opportunity for custom cuts and have a better understanding of wood care, ensuring that the lumber is stored properly to maintain its quality​​​.

    Where does lumber come from in the US?

    Lumber in the US comes from various sources, including privately owned forests, state-owned lands, and national forests. The country has a rich tradition of forestry and sustainable management practices that ensure a continuous supply of timber. The major lumber-producing states include Oregon, Washington, Georgia, and Alabama, known for their vast forest lands and significant contributions to the US lumber industry.

    Who is the biggest lumber supplier in the US?

    The biggest lumber supplier in the US has varied over time due to market changes and industry consolidation. Companies such as Weyerhaeuser, Georgia-Pacific, and West Fraser are among the largest producers and suppliers of lumber in the country, each operating multiple facilities across North America and offering a wide range of wood products for various uses.

    What is the difference between timber and lumber?

    The difference between timber and lumber primarily lies in their stage of processing and regional terminology. In the US, "timber" often refers to wood that is still standing or has been felled but not yet processed, while "lumber" is used to describe wood that has been processed into beams, planks, and other dimensional or finished products. In other regions, such as the UK, "timber" is commonly used to describe what Americans refer to as "lumber."

    Why is lumber so expensive in America?

    Lumber prices in America can fluctuate due to a variety of factors including supply and demand dynamics, tariffs and trade policies, transportation costs, and changes in housing market trends. Increased demand for new housing construction and home renovation projects, along with supply chain disruptions, can lead to higher lumber prices. Additionally, natural disasters and environmental policies affecting timber harvesting can also impact lumber availability and costs.

    Which US state has the most lumber?

    The US state with the most lumber production varies based on the criteria used (volume, value, etc.), but historically, states like Oregon, Washington, and Georgia have been leading producers of lumber. These states have extensive forested areas and a strong infrastructure for logging, milling, and distributing lumber, making them key players in the US lumber industry.

    For enhancing your woodworking projects further, consider the specialized tools available at Toolbox Boss, including planers, jointers, and shapers, providing the precision and quality your work deserves.

    If you're looking for lumber in Los Angeles, its stores offer a wealth of options for any project, blending quality, sustainability, and customer service. Whether you're looking for specialized wood types, custom milling services, or eco-friendly options, these stores have you covered. By choosing the right lumber store, you ensure not only the success of your projects but also support sustainable and responsible business practices within the Los Angeles community.

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